July 24 2017

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Web Design References

The following sites were designed by Creative Computing. These are just a sample of sites which are still active.

Unleavened Bread Ministries (2008 - databases only)

Database setup to list recorded bible studies and to play audio files, and videos that are available.
One Hour TV and Radio Broadcast Studies   --   Early Bible Studies & Books

Datatbase to index static pages for:   Prophecies, Dreams & Visions, Revelations & Teachings, and Testimonies

Scripture Greeting Cards

This is a volunteer project to support the ministry and I continue to help by keeping the databases updated.

Redundant Cartridge - June 1999 - 2008

Cartridge City provides the highest quality remanufactured toner cartridges for laser printers. They also refurbish laser printers, inkjet printers and fax machines.

Complete Redesign & Expansion. Nick's Driver Resource content by Creative Computing. Extensive shopping cart.

Cottage Grove Art Guild - (2006)

Cottage Grove Art Guild. The guild includes, encourages, and supports many types of arts. View Artist Profiles and Galleries.

Sujo Studios - (2006)

Quality Art (Acrylic, Covered Bridges, Greeting Cards, Historic Railroad Bridges, Historic Scenes, Oil Paintings, Original Water Colors, Pen and Ink, Prints) and Fused Glass Jewelry (Barrettes, Chain Pulls, Drop Earrings, Pendant Sets, Pendants, Stud Earrings).

PayPal shopping cart, and links databases.

Ken Petersen - (2005)

Ken Petersen resides in the state of Oregon in the coastal town of Florence where he plays and has his studio. Various databases to both play and sell songs from his CD.

Art by Edward - (2006)

Original artwork of Edward Tryk. PayPal shopping cart, and links.

Folk Impressions - (2005)

Ukrainian wrapping paper

Ukie Cards by Babena Skrynia - (2005)

Ukrainian Greeting cards and links.


A Touch of All The Best. Inoke is from FIJI and is a composer, guitarist, songwriter, and vocalist. Blues, Rhythm and Blues, Soul, Funk, Rock, Reggae, Polynesian, A Touch of Country, and Pop. Includes lyrics and sound clips from "The Brighter Side" CD, plus three tapes. Plus "Inspirational Christian Verses" a collection of 195 church song lyrics.

Custom Web Development. Christian Verses content by Creative Computing.

Creative Computing Web Database Solutions (2002 - 2008)

Job Board, Realty Listings, Classifieds System, Automotive System, Ice Hockey (Players & Stats), Personals, Business Directory, Guest Book, Message Board, Resource Links, News & Events, Free Classifieds, Shopping Carts

Creative Cooking (1997)

Whether you are an experienced cook, or just learning the basics, you've come to the right place! - Global Gourmet Recipes, Cooking Tips and Tricks, Kid's Cookin, Cooking Forum, Shopping, and our Cook Book Nook.

Custom Web Development, Content Creation, and Administration

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