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Web Database Solutions

Free Classifieds

This application is a simple classified ads database. It provides a means for others to post ads on your site. You can also have this setup to where only you as the site administrator is allowed to add to the database.

This example is for using on a music related website and is therefore music related. Use the demo to test the functionality of the database.

[ Free Classifieds Demo ]

Equipment (1)
General (1)
Musicians for Hire
Test Only

This database can be customized to display categories of your choice so it can be used for your specific needs. Check out our Classifieds Ads System for category ideas.

Features:   (non inclusive)

  • Display short listing which leads to full record
  • Records will not be displayed until validated by the database administrator.
  • Private email
  • Send record option
  • Top Viewed
  • Page Hit Counter
  • Custom search form
  • Change Password

Please note:   Email functions will not operate on this server. Records which are usually validated by admin before being displayed to the public will be automatically displayed. Admin function disabled.

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