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Web Database Solutions

Contact & Database Request

All databases are creating using Gossamer Threads DBMan database administration script. I do not distribute the DBMan script I provide customized installations.

I've used and tested various scripts available for different projects over the years since I've started designing web sites and have found that many lacked the administration and customization I required for my needs. I also spent many hours modifying the coding and page layouts before using the scripts.

Once I started using DBMan I found that it can be used for many applications and since then I have been working with this script on a daily basis creating various applications for myself and others.

My experience with the script has also been helping out in the excellent support forum for DBMan and maintaining the Unofficial FAQ for the use of this script. I am very familiar with the many applications created by others and have learned many tips and tricks through my daily involvement in the support forum as both a user and moderator.

Prior to your customized installation you must visit Gossamer Threads and download a copy of the script. For commercial sites or for applications which will request a fee from the users you MUST register your copy of the script. The registration fee is currently $100 per site.

Customize Installation Request

For more information regarding custom installations, and site references please visit my DBMan FAQ site.

Customized Database Quote Form:

They are some general options that I use as standard when creating databases, so I will include those as selections in the form below. You can also state to the best of your knowledge exactly what functions and features you want or need for your database. A quote can only be as accurate as the picture of what the end result needs to be and what it involves as far as modifications.

Standard custom features include:
User friendly mod, True logoff, Block script from running on any other server, Useful Error Messages, modified cgi_error sub, security fixes, HTML formatting fixes, and more.

Please Note: This quote should be for your OWN SITE ONLY. I do not wish to work through a second party for their clients. Experience has proved this to be very inefficient for both gathering details, and the communication necessary to complete the project in a timely manner.

All completed projects must include a link to my customization services within the database footer.

[ Required fields ]
Your name: [ Required ]
Email address: [ Required ]    
Please note that you should use your real email address. Several free email addresses are filtered in my email program and get deleted automatically.
Is your site: [ Required ]Business   Personal
About your database: [ Required ]
Please state the general purpose of your database. This will allow me to provide additional suggestions and features you may not think of when starting a new database.
Server Type: [ Required ]
  (i.e. Unix, Lynx, etc.)
By choice I do not work with NT servers.
Presented on this site:    
Mod Installs: [ Required ]
Hold the Ctrl key while making multiple selections
Other Modifications:     (State other modifications wanted or needed)
Special Features: (State other features wanted or needed)
Additional Comments / Questions:

There will also be additional information requested to be able to install this on your server. I will provide this list of questions once we have decided to work together on your project.


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