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Web Database Solutions

Contact & Database Request

All databases are creating using Gossamer Threads DBMan database administration script. I do not distribute the DBMan script I provide customized installations.

I've used and tested various scripts available for different projects over the years since I've started designing web sites and have found that many lacked the administration and customization I required for my needs. I also spent many hours modifying the coding and page layouts before using the scripts.

Once I started using DBMan I found that it can be used for many applications and since then I have been working with this script on a daily basis creating various applications for myself and others.

My experience with the script has also been helping out in the excellent support forum for DBMan and maintaining the Unofficial FAQ for the use of this script. I am very familiar with the many applications created by others and have learned many tips and tricks through my daily involvement in the support forum as both a user and moderator.

Prior to your customized installation you must visit Gossamer Threads and download a copy of the script. For commercial sites or for applications which will request a fee from the users you MUST register your copy of the script. The registration fee is currently $100 per site.

Customize Installation Request

For more information regarding custom installations, and site references please visit my DBMan FAQ site.


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