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Web Database Solutions

Business Directory

This application can be used for a business or membership directory. There are various uses for being able to maintain a listing of contacts, etc. Your listings can be free or further customized to be for paid listings only.

Users have a choice of which contact fields they want displayed to the public. The option of having a link to yahoo for a map and directions to their business location is provided.

[ Business Directory Demo ]

This database can be customized to display categories of your choice to have this meet your site needs.

Please note:   Email functions will not operate on this server. Records which are usually validated by admin before being displayed to the public will be automatically displayed. Admin function disabled.

Features:   (non inclusive)

  • Private email
  • Records will not be displayed until validated by the database administrator.
  • Display short listing which leads to full record
  • Custom search form
  • Top Viewed
  • Page Hit Counter
  • Send record option
  • Search by Alphabetic listing
  • Link to yahoo for a map and directions (full address required)

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