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Web Database Solutions

Resource Links

This database makes it very easy to maintain your site links. You can allow others to add their links to make it easy to exchange links with other sites. There is a feature to report broken links within the database.

You must use the navigation menu to Register/Signup for an account to place a listing. This is necessary to be able to later modify listings.

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Advertising / Marketing
Affiliate Programs (2)
Business Resource
CGI Resource
Freebies (2)
Graphics (2)
HTML Resource
Search Engine
Spam (28)
Web Design Resource (4)

This database can be customized to display categories of your choice.

Features:   (non inclusive)

  • Private email
  • Report Dead Links
  • Records will not be displayed until approved by the database administrator.
  • Admin can specify graphics or logos to be included within the records. These must be located on your server

Please note:   Email functions will not operate on this server. Records which are usually validated by admin before being displayed to the public will be automatically displayed. Admin function disabled.

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