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Web Database Solutions

News & Events

This database application makes it very easy to post new, articles, and events to your site. The database can be setup so that only those with permission to add entries will have access to the database.

No need to pay a webmaster to update static pages to keep up-to-date information available to your site visitors.

[ News & Events Demo ]

News (2)

This database can be customized to display categories or news sections of your choice.

Features:   (non inclusive)

  • Display short listing which leads to full record
  • External text file is used to hold the main news content
  • Top Viewed
  • Page Hit Counter
  • Private email
  • Advanced search form
  • Send record option
  • Records will not be displayed until validated by the database administrator.
  • Admin notified of record added
  • Confirmation to user when record added

Please note:   Email functions will not operate on this server. Records which are usually validated by admin before being displayed to the public will be automatically displayed. Admin function disabled.

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