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Web Database Solutions

Ice Hockey Players & Stats

This application is highly customized to provide a means of listing ice hockey player profiles and stats. This is a relational database consisting of both a players and stats database. The stats are displayed within the player profiles.

This system is setup so you can control who posts listings by providing members with a global password. This is required to login, along with their chosen username and password.

[ Ice Hockey Demo ]

Use "Demo" as the member password

This database can be customized to display teams and leagues of your choice.

Features:   (non inclusive)

Relational 2 databases (Player and stats databases)

  • Display short listing which leads to full record
  • Records will not be displayed until validated by the database administrator.
  • Admin notified of record added
  • Single Image Upload
  • Top Viewed
  • Page Hit Counter
  • Advanced search form
  • Send record option
  • Private email
  • Admin option of sending records to text file to be imported into excel
  • Team list is stored in an external text file for easy updating

Please note:   Email functions will not operate on this server. Records which are usually validated by admin before being displayed to the public will be automatically displayed. Admin function disabled.

Ralph Slate's World Player Database
Player Name:

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