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How to order ...

First search to see if there is anything you'd like to order. Normally the search results in a list of several items, and you can get a more detailed information on each item by clicking the link.

When you have decided you want a particular item you first have to Prepare your order, which means that you have to give your e-mail address. It is important that you give your correct e-mail address, since the confirmation of your order will be sent to this address.

Once you have prepared the order you can start add items to the order. At the page with the more detailed description you can select how many items you want and the add this to your order by clicking Add <ITEMS>.

When the item(s) has been added to the order you can search for more items by clicking Add More..

You can at any time check the contents of your order and how much you have spent so far. This you do by clicking the button Show Order. In the calculation the shipping costs are included.

If you have any regrets you can now delete individual items from the order. This you do by first clicking the button Edit Order and when you get the new form you tick the items that you want to remove.

If you change your mind completely you can cancel the entire order. This you do by clicking the clicking Cancel Order,

When you are satisfied you send the order by clicking the button Send Order. Now you fill in your complete addressing details. The order is sent to the shop, and a copy of the order is then mailed directly to the e-mail address that you have given.

Save this email as a receipt of your order.


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