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Oregon Classifieds provides a means of direct buying and selling between our members. Why place a two or three line ad when you create a full page detailed ad in Oregon Classifieds? And for very reasonable rates!

FREE classifieds! - September 2008 - December 2010

Membership is free. Join today!

Membership provides a more personal means of communicating through private email. Complete your registration and you are all set to start placing your classifieds ads! Please note that contact information is only available to members.

Announcements: (2)

Announce your event, estate sale, event, garage sales, etc. This is a great place to provide all the details!

Automotive: (2)

Looking to buy or sell a car, truck, sports utility vehicle, etc.? Then this is the place!

Employment: ()

Looking for a job?
Looking for an employee?

Place your full page ad for prospective employers or employees!

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General Merchandise: (2)

Many categories to choose from! From airplanes to travel you will find a suitable category to place your full page classified and view those placed by others.

Housing - Rentals: (2)

Whether you are looking or have a rental this is an excellent location to place your detailed listing.

Real Estate - For Sale: (3)

Sellers - A great way to provide all the details for the real estate you are selling.

Buyers - an excellent way to have most of your questions answered before contacting the seller.

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