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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are brief explanations for some of the questions that you may have about A1 Auto Listings.

There are also instructions available within the various forms. Also see our Database FAQ - how to signup, login, place and modify listings

How does A1 Auto Listings work?

On the front page for A1 Auto Listings, you will see our current sections. If you click on one of the section titles you will then be taken to the front page of that section. Clicking on the categories will bring up all listings within that category.

On the main page within each database you will find a menu of categories with a count of listings within each category. There is also an advanced search form where you can search by keyword only or use various field options to produce a focused search. Everyone can search or browse through our listings.

There is a also a navigation menu on the bottom of each page where you can choose options which you have permissions for. If logged in you will find links to modify and delete (if permitted) your current listings. Navigation options vary depending on whether you are registered and currently logged on, or if you are just browsing as a visitor.

If you want to add, modify, or delete a record, you must first login to our system.

If you are a new user, you need to click on "Register/Signup". This is a quick and easy process that allows you to select a username and password. You will then need to "Create a Registration Account". This account will contain your contact information which will be used within your listings. Be sure to create your account within the correct database.

Once you have create your registration account, you can then modify this information at any time. You will only need to change your contact information within your registration account to then have it integrated into all your listings. If you wish to receive a copy if your registration, please Login to your Account and choose the option to send a copy of your record (if available).

Make a note of your username and password, because you will need to know both if you ever want to modify or delete your ad(s) in the future.

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How do I Signup/Register?

Prior to signup read our Terms of Use.

Signup is simple and easy! Type in your chosen username and password using the following guidelines:

  • User Name - One word only, using 4-10 characters, with no spaces, using only a-z; case-sensitive.
  • Password - Must be one word that contains 4-10 characters.

You can sign up for an account by using the options on the menu within the appropriate database. Remember your username and password are case-sensitive. Therefore if you use the username of "JSmith" you must type in "JSmith" when you login. If you attempt to login using jsmith, or Jsmith it will not work.

Once you signup you will then need to login and will be taken to the form to create your 'Registration Account'.

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How long will my registration account remain on your system?

Dealerships, Sellers, and Auto Suppliers can choose the duration of their account. See Fees for listed duration choices. If your account expires prior to renewal, you can easily sign up again for a new account.

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How do I post an listing?

Posting a listing is very easy using our databases. Be sure to read our Terms of Use and Guidelines for further information.

You must be a registered user to post a listing. Prior to posting you must login using your username and password. This is necessary to match your registration information with your listing(s).

If you have already created your registration account, login and proceed with steps 4 & 5. If you are new to A1 Auto Listings, follow all the steps below:

  1. Signup as a new user by choosing "Sign Up" from the menu.
    (See How do I Signup/Register?)

  2. Login using your new username and password.

  3. Create your Registration Account. This will provide your contact information within each listing.

  4. Choose "Add Listing" from the navigation or side menus within the appropriate database. Complete the form presented following any instructions or guidelines provided.

  5. You should then see an acknowledgement page (if the page doesn't reload prior to confirmation).

  6. Your listing will not be viewable by site visitors until payment is received and your listing has been validated. Submit your payment a.s.a.p. using our payment options.

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How much does it cost to post a listing?

Our fees vary depending on the section within A1 Auto Listings. See the Fee Chart available by viewing our A1 Auto Listings Fees.

There are several payment options available. Please note that your listing will not appear to the public until payment is received.

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How do I pay for my listing(s)?

We are using the system which allows you to make payments using your credit card or checking account. It's very easy to signup for an account with paypal! There are also a few others options available. See our Payment Options

Once you have placed your listing you will receive a confirmation email which will state the total cost along with a link to the payment options. Please make your payment promptly. If your payment information is not received within 3 - 7 days your listing may be removed from our system.

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How can I renew my listing?

Use our handy Renewal Form.

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Can I use HTML coding within my ad?

You can not use HTML tags in the description boxes of your any listings. Your email and URL are displayed from the field entries within the database.

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How do I modify my listing?

  1. "Login" using your username and password.

  2. Choose "Modify" from the menu.

  3. You will be taken to the "Search for record to Modify" page. Search for the record by typing in the ID number within the keyword field or use any other search options provided. Or use "List All".

  4. Your search results will display a list of your listings. Check the radio button next to the record you wish to modify and click the "Modify" button.

  5. A form will open will all the information contained within your record, simply change the current information to your new information. You only need to modify the fields that you want to change.

  6. Click "Modify" button and your record will contain the updated information.

  7. You should then see an acknowledgement page if your record was successfully modified.

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How do I remove my listing?

You can choose to either delete your record, by choosing that option on the navigation menu (if available). Once you perform a search you can choose which of your records to delete. Rather than deleted you can also mark your listing as 'Sold' or 'Located' (see below).

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How can I mark a listing as Sold or Located?

Your listing(s) can be marked as "Sold" or "Located" if no longer available. You would change this setting by modifying your listings. The listing will then appear with the appropriate graphic to inform visitors of the status. The listing will automatically be removed when it reaches the expiration date.

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How do I see the full details for a particular listing?

If you're viewing your search results from the short display format, you can see the details for any listing by clicking on the title which is highlighted in the row for that record. You will then be taken to the full display which contains the detailed information.

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How do I contact someone who has posted a listing?

All listings contain a "Respond to"or email link. Clicking on this link will display a form where you can send a message to the owner of the record. Emails are not displayed so we can provide privacy for our members. This prevents visitors from gathering email addresses from our site for other purposes.

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What is email copy to a friend?

This is an option available for those who wish a copy of the listing to be emailed to either themselves or to a friend. This feature is also a means of sending yourself a copy of your record. There may be a different option available to record owners which contains full details (depending on the database).

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How do I navigate through A1 Auto Listings?

Navigation is very easy! From the main database page you will see a list of options which include 'Browse All', Advanced search, or a list of categories to search within.

On the bottom of each database page you will find a navigation menu. This menu will only contain links to features you have access or permissions for. If you are logged into the system as a registered user this menu will provide the links to place a listing, modify a listing, etc. If you are not logged in you will see a different limited set of options shown to those who are just browsing.

When viewing our listings you will first be presented with a short listing within each category.

Dealership and Auto suppliers are listed by their business name in ascending order. Vehicle and Parts Wanted are re displayed in descending order according to the starting date. Sellers by last name in ascending order. The number of listings displayed on each page will vary from 30 - 50. There is a handy menu which will help you to navigate through the various pages.

"View by Category" will display a list of records within each category with a count for that category.

"Browse All" will list all records (short listings), and show basic information regarding each record. To view the full page, you will click on the highlighted link. This makes browsing very quick and easy.

Once you display a full page, you will then be able to use the options of viewing the next page, previous page, back to full listing, etc. This provides the option of viewing the full display of all the listings. This will also display listings within a specific search request and only show those meeting your search criteria.

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Can I link directly to my listing?

You can link directly to your listing if it is viewable by default users. You will link to your listing by entering your specific ID or name as in the examples below.

Vehicle listing: &AutoID=72&ww=1&view_records=1

Change "72" to your record number. REMOVE spaces so it displays on one line.

Add "View vehicle at: - ID = 72" to your advertisements, and they can easily access your listing from the used vehicles entrance page. Change to your AutoID number.

Dealerships: &Dealership=My+Business&view_records=1

Replace "My+Business" with your dealership name. If your name has spaces (more than one word) you must use a '+' between each word. Remember it is case sensitive.

Part supplier:

You have two choices here, as you can link using your business name, or your first and last name. &SFirstName=John&SLastName=Smith&view_records=1

Replace "John" with your first name, and replace "Smith" with your last name. REMOVE spaces so it displays on one line.

OR by business name: &Business=My+Business+Name&view_records=1

Replace "My+Business+Name" with your business name. If your name has spaces (more than one word) you must use a '+' between each word. Remember it is case sensitive.

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Can I login using a link?

You can login to the various section of A1 Auto Listings as a registered member using the link examples below. Change username to your username and password to your password. Make sure you remove extras spaces so that this is all one line.

It's best for security reasons to NOT save these links as a bookmark!

Dealers: &userid=username&pw=password&login=1

Sellers: &userid=username&pw=password&login=1

Auto Part Suppliers: &userid=username&pw=password&login=1

Auto Parts Wanted: &userid=username&pw=password&login=1

Links: &userid=username&pw=password&login=1

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